GameJobb is a Germany-based game developement company. We are former demo sceners from the same group: Haujobb. We all made our experience in other bigger game companies and are involved in games for over 10 years each! We were nominated for the German Games Award with our game Megalopolis.


Helge Vogt

As a comic artist he knows how to make amazing graphics. His book Alisik is a No. 1 best-selling graphic novel here in Germany! Check this out:!

Frank „Dreamer“ Götz

He is the logical mastermind behind GameJobb. He’s a great graphics coder as he showed the world since the early 90s in his breathtaking realtime scene demos!

Kai „Jazz“ Hawaii

This is the soundtrack of our world! From retro to future and back, this gives our games the perfect atmosphere at every moment!

Our current platforms are:

  • Windows Phone 8
  • XBox 360
  • Windows 8
  • (XBox ONE soon!)


GameJobb games or games we are involved

  • The Impossible Game (WindowsPhone Port)
  • Avatar Karate (XBox 360)
  • Megalopolis (XBox 360)
  • RoboWorker for Fraunhofer IST (Windows)
  • Skate City Heroes (Wii)